Aurora Wings Member Celebration & Showcase

I am excited to be a part of the Aurora Wings Showcase this month. I get to show you some exciting new stamps that are a part of the 3K Member Celebration, over at the Aurora Wings Facebook Celebration. The celebration is taking place today and tomorrow. You will not want to miss this celebration, there is going to be something fun and exciting!

There are several different stamps being showcased from the team today. However, I have 2 different cards to show you today, so you will want to grab a cuppa and hang on tight 😉  The first stamp I am going to show you is the new cute Aurora Wings Lupine Sprite. She is so adorable, I just love her. When I first looked at her, she made me think of “diamonds are a sprites best friend” haha!

This is why I put the monster of a rhinestone flourish on the card, I thought it would be perfect. Granted putting it on, I didn’t realize it was going to be half spider monkey and half octopus and stick all over my hands haha! I think that was the funniest part of making this card. I think I should have video taped that part had I known how funny it was going to be.

I decided to color this stamp with these colors because of the flower my husband picked out. There were so many different Lupine flower colors to pick from, I had a very hard time picking anything out that really captured me. I like to pick colors that look like the true colors when I color flowers. I don’t know why but that is the only way that I am inspired to color them. I like them to look alive I guess. But when my husband picked out these… I was very inspired.

They really made me think of love, diamonds, and pomegranates. Which for me the pomegranates just relates back to the myth of the seasons and Hades falling in love.  So it all just went into a circle for me, yes I am odd I know.. haha! My kids already think I am crazy when it comes time for Greek Mythology in school, I get excited.

I got to use my new Kuretake Gansai Tambi water color paint for the first time on these cards as well. I LOVE these new paints and I can’t say enough about them. It looks perfect I think with these cards. I honestly could not wait to use them.  I also had a chance to use all my new (well a few) Rubbernecker die cuts, which helped out a lot with my arm. If you look close you can see stitching in the red paper, that is part of the die cut.

The other card I made is made with the new sweet as ever Aurora Wings Pussy Willow Sprite. Now, I know that most everyone thinks Pussy Willow and thinks “white” … Well I have to tell you they come in more than just white and my favorite is the blue ones.

Granted I did not color this one correctly… yes you read that right.. I didn’t color it as it is supposed to be colored. Only because the blue ones are normally blue and brown, like the photo. But we are going into Summer time… we can’t have brown that is so dreary…. so I made her blue and green. Which my mother would be honestly happy with that because those are her football colors haha!

This card I kept nice and simple. I had all these things I was going to do to it. I even had a nice sentiment I was going to put on it. The sentiment was “We are all God’s works of art” It made me think that was very true, plus Mitzi’s work just touches my heart in this way every time I see one of her drawings. But with that double bow… no room no room… haha!

The patterned paper plus the vellum card stock kept everything so light and soft, just like the pussy willows. I thought even though there was no room for the sentiment, keeping it nice and clean was perfect for me. So I finished it off with a few dew drops, and again with the stitched die cut from Rubbernecker. I love their new die cuts, especially since they have the huge ovals that I can put around all Mitzi’s images so I can make the big cards.

Before I go and leave you today with these cute little beauties. I want to make sure you get this wonderful coupon code. Please use it and join us over at the celebration as well. Even if you are not a member, it is not to late to become a member of the group. It is one of the best , most fun, most inspiring, and most supportive groups you will ever be a part of.

Before I completely forget, here are the Copic markers I used to color each of the wonderful sprites that I used today. I really hope that you enjoyed them.

Please be sure to check out the showcase and the member celebration!! You can also see what the other team members made over there too!  You don’t want to miss out on anything! Their projects are so beautiful! The other stamps are also so amazing! I only used 2 of the ones that are being showcased!

If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Aurora Wings please feel free to share them with me on my facebook page or Aurora Wings Facebook Group! You would not believe the inspiration in the group! Please if you are not already in that group go and join! you are missing out for sure by not being in it!

Until next time friends!!!




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