Best Color Challenge Aurora Wings Dragon Babies

Aurora Wings Color Challenge 43 is now under way.  You will not want to miss playing with these fantastic colors. At first I thought that I was going to have trouble with them. But once I thought about it, and the image I wanted, I knew right away it was going to be easy as pie.  I have had the image from Aurora  Wings Dragon Babies for a while and had planned on using it for my son, but didn’t get around to it.

But now there is this great challenge using Mardi Gras colors green, purple and gold. Aren’t these the perfect colors for this image? I am just really excited that it turned out so well. I probably tried out about 3 different purple combinations before I decided upon a purple that was “Mardi Gras” enough haha!

Once I got the eggs colored, then the purple dragon baby colored everything else fell into place quick as can be. I thought the water color was going to be a little harder for the look I was going for but it turned out to be a little easier than I thought. I wanted it to kind of look like a golden, purple smoke/fire thing going on.. haha “thing” like you are supposed to see what my minds eye is thinking… but either way it turned out pretty close…I guess it was supposed to be a kind of “mist” that is the only way I can kind of describe it.

The paper that I used is just some stuff that I picked up from Hobby Lobby while I was out looking for some other stuff. My son actually picked out the green and the purple patterned paper and my daughter found the really cool gold paper. The gold paper is really thin like tissue paper, but not tissue… it is still regular paper. You can bend it and do stuff with it like tissue paper though. It is really cool stuff. I am going to have to go back and get the other colors it was fun!

I also have on there some flowers of course, you know how I love my flowers 🙂  I also have this amazing ribbon from May Arts and it looked really neat like it belongs with dragons… so guess what yes, I had to put it on there as well.

It was fun using this sketch again on a bigger card. It is one of my most favorite sketches. I had a ton of fun with all these different elements. My daughter even helped me put everything together this month because of an injury. Normally I would not say anything about that, but she did such a fantastic job for 9 years old putting it all together with me due to lack of arm movement for me.. I have to give her a huge shout out… I am just so proud of her I have to let the world know how amazing she is.

Please be sure to check out the challenge and the current happenings over at Aurora Wings Challenge Blog! You can also see what the other team members made over there too!  You don’t want to miss out on anything!

If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Aurora Wings please feel free to share them with me on my facebook page or Aurora Wings Facebook Group!Until next time friends!!!

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