Frame It using Lady Blossom – Aurora Wings Challenge

Happy Monday! It is the first Monday of the month so that means Aurora Wings has a new challenge for us.  The challenge for this month is Frame It. The other design team members have some fantastic ideas and inspiration for us. We all came up with different ideas of what frame it meant to us, in our projects.

It was fun getting to see everyone’s great ideas. I idea started with the image I wanted to use Lady Blossom.  Then I found the frame at Michaels Craft Store with the fun textured matting. I had planned on putting a few more flowers but my flowers did not come in time for the project but honestly I think it looks fine just the way it is.

There are not to many and not to few. I also wanted to align the flowers so that they would be going the same direction as the roses. I tried my best to make the roses the same color as the flowers, which remind me of, red and yellow, fire and ice roses.

I wanted the roses to stand out as much as her eyes. It is the first time I have colored eyes and been completely happy, to the point of excitement, over eyes. So I had to make sure that her eyes where the only blue in the whole picture. I wanted her eyes to be the first thing everyone noticed.


In the upper left there are some Tiger Lilies the black dots were not there, I put those in myself. But the way they are drawn in they made me think of the Tiger Lilies on the Disney cartoon Alice In Wonderland, where all the flowers are singing to Alice.

All the white I think was supposed to be flower blossoms from maybe where the pink flowers were blowing. However, they made me think of Babies Breath so I used a small paint brush and filled all of it in with some Copic Opaque White.

I am so happy and proud that I did this piece because I always have a hard time with flowers. But I always challenge myself to do them anyway because I know if I do them, I will get better at them. This being colored at an 8×10 size was the mother load of all flower challenges for me haha! I took my time and even worked through a copic pen leaking in one spot, can you find it? But I was not going to give up. I loved what I had done so far.

I was also excited about doing this challenge because again, it was something I didn’t need help with haha! Yes, the shoulder is still on the mend. But I have an idea so you should be hearing more from me soon.

Please be sure to check out the challenge and the current happenings over at Aurora Wings Challenge Blog! You can also see what the other team members made over there too!  You don’t want to miss out on anything! Their projects are so beautiful!

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