Merry Latte Christmas – Drawn by Krista

Latte by Drawn by Krista is just to cute! I love this little stamp. It was so fun to use my Marvy Snow Marker for the whipped cream topping.

Krista actually used to be an animator for Disney! She has worked on quite a few of their movies. You can even look up everything that she has done in IMBD. When I found out that she has been an animator for Disney, it clicked as to why I probably love her stamps so much, I am a Disney freak! I love everything about Disney.

Latte from Drawn by Krista created by Copictopia

Latte is a super cute stamp that you can color in a matter of moments. That is also another thing that I love about Krista’s stamps as that they are quick and easy. Even if you color them, because most quick easy stamps don’t look that great because it is hard to do anything with them, Krista’s are easy to give a bit of shading to make

them come to life even more than they look without color.

Latte from Drawn by Krista created by Copictopia


The paper was perfect for my card as well because every season is Pumpkin Spice Latte season for me. I know a few of you will say gross but I LOVE pumpkin pie so this will not get old for me. I also like the Gingerbread Lattes as well.

I wanted to have a bit more fun with this card. So I used my EKTools window cutter and made the window peek out on both sides so you could see the sentiment in the center.

Latte from Drawn by Krista created by Copictopia


The Merry Christmas came from an old Stampin’ Up! stamp set that I had. The Latte part I just wrote in there. I love the little beads that I put in the window with the Christmas colors. The beads add more festive fun to the card. The beads I got from Queen & Co. I think is what the place is called. It was a last minute purchase with the paper as I was leaving the Scrapbook Expo this last month. I need MORE of that paper I just love it!

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