Moose With Lights – Rubbernecker Tuesday

Moose with lights is a great stamp from Rubbernecker Stamps. I feel I kind of went crazy with this card though. I really got into the lights on the Moose with lights stamp and the Merry Christmas Lights sentiment. So I took it one step further with the different colored jems that I thought brought out more lights. I had a good time making this so I guess that is what really matters.

Moose with lights from Rubbernecker Stamps created by Copictopia

I also took the moose with lights a bit further, with his hat. I wanted it to look puffy, however I didn’t have anything to do that. I was searching for this stuff that I thought I had bought that would do it, but came across some old flocking that I had instead. I have to say that was a challenge because I didn’t even know if my versamark pen even worked any longer. So I am very lucky that it did. I think I would have been sad had the moose with lights had a non-fluffy hat.

Moose with lights from Rubbernecker Stamps created by Copictopia


I also decided that I wanted to put a frame around him. Although, that didn’t work out because the frame wasn’t big enough and I messed it up. So I said “Oh well, I can cut him out”. Then it didn’t look right… so I lost my mind and all sense and cut everything out that was white in the lights with a hobby knife. haha!! Granted it looks very nice and pretty cool.. but wow! what was I thinking?? little miss OCD haha! or CDO in my case.


Moose with lights from Rubbernecker Stamps created by Copictopia


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