New Aurora Wings Primrose Sprite

Everyone has been itching to see what this new little mystery sprite was going to be through the whole 3k member’s party over in the Aurora Wings Facebook group this weekend. They have been asking where they could get it, wondering if Mitzi would break and give it up early. I even piped in as if I didn’t know like the little brat child my father always called me and said “the wait was just killing me.”

But now the time has come for the big reveal! Everyone over in the group is now getting this adorable little mystery sprite for FREE! for being so wonderful. Because let’s face  it, the people in the Aurora Wings Facebook group are pretty darn amazing. I don’t think any of them have a mean bone in their bodies and if they do, it’s not in that group. They are all a pretty amazing bunch of ladies! And I have seen my fair share of drama in Facebook groups believe me! Wow! haha!! So if you want to join a group Aurora Wings is the way to go because these ladies are AMAZING! Sweetest bunch ever. (well besides my group of course too…hehe)

But who wouldn’t want this sweet and adorable Aurora Wings Primrose Sprite for Free? Wait… Who wouldn’t want anything Aurora Wings?? anything Mitzi??? right?

If you are part of the member party you will not want to miss out picking this sweetie up! But if you are not part of the party (which you really should be… hint hint) Then you will be able to pick her up on Sunday after 6pm on the Aurora Wings website.

I colored her with yellow and purple and it was supposed to look like this one here that I saw online… but yeah I ended up doing it backwards… oops but that is okay she still looks cute I think.

I used some pretty ribbon that I have been wanting to use for a while and I got to use my corrugated paper that I dont get to use much either. While this was a simple card, I still feel that it is pretty too.

It is all still going for a while so take yourself over to the party because you know you want this cute little sprite 🙂 Please be sure to check out the challenge that is also going on right now too!  and the current happenings over at Aurora Wings Challenge Blog! You can also see what the other team members made over there too!  You don’t want to miss out on anything! Their projects are so beautiful!

Don’t forget the coupon for this weekend either!

If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Aurora Wings please feel free to share them with me on my facebook page or Aurora Wings Facebook Group! You would not believe the inspiration in the group! Please if you are not already in that group go and join! you are missing out for sure by not being in it!

Until next time friends!!!




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