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  • Christmas Treat Box Template

    This cute little Christmas treat box is so much fun and so easy to make! You can decorate it before you put it together and use it for so much more than a Christmas treat box. You can also use it for birthday's, or any other holiday that you need a cute little box for anything. This template will come in handy all through the year.
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  • Inspired By The Sketch

    Calling all card makers! Do you have all these great ideas on cards to make? Get your images all stamped and colored, but then get stuck? The layout of cards is a common source of mojo blog for a lot of card makers. Don't let that stop you! This book has 120 card layouts waiting for you! Cristena even put together a great team of people (Angela Kelley, Angela Yearous, Ann-Marie Johansson, Myndi Fraser and Ruza Rebel) to put some out of this world samples to go with the sketches. Most of the card sketches have samples to give you even more inspiration. This book was put together by Cristena Bagne who has been making cards for over 15 years and wrote down every sketch she ever designed. She now put them in a book to inspire others. This is the first of 3 volumes and they will continue to come. Don't get stuck, get inspire
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